4 different pics of Bullsbrook joined together

Top left: A sign on Great Northern Highway introduces Bullsbrook. Top right: The Chequers Hotel, incorporating the Red Roof Steakhouse. Below left: Entrance to RAAF Pearce. Below right: Summertime view of the city of Perth.

Bullsbrook has changed very little in the six years in which we've lived here. These photos were taken in 2001 but are not really out of date.

Bullsbrook is located about an hour's drive north-east of the city of Perth. By Perth standards that's quite a long way out. It's theoretically part of the metropolitan area, however in reality it's more like a country town. The area is a combination of rural and semi-rural. The nearest major shopping and commercial area is Midland, about half an hour away.

Heading north along the Great Northern Highway from either Midland or the city, gorgeous rolling hills are to be seen to the right (east) and the green coastal plain to the left (west). Our home, Vanda Park, is in the hills to the east.

Central to the town is the RAAF Pearce air base, and air force men and women are often seen about the town. A large proportion of families living in the town are here because of the air base.

Other landmarks include the Chequers Hotel, the shopping centre and, off the highway, the Bullsbrook District High School and Catholic church for which I've never found a name, though I'm sure it has one!

Bullsbrook also has the usual small businesses, sporting organisations and other recreational activities you'd expect to find in such an area. Anyone moving to the area who would like to know more is welcome to email me and I'll be happy to provide further details.