Vanda Park

view south

Rani surveys Vanda Park beside Andy's newly-installed fencing.

We moved to Bullsbrook, near Perth, in June 1999. I'd had horses before but never at my own home and with small children, agistment had proved to be just too hard.

Vanda Park is named for the first letters of our own names. Vicki and Andy became VandA. It is just under 8 acres of gently sloping hillside, with a poky little brown brick house set in the uppermost corner.

Whatever other corners were cut building this house (and there were more than a few!) the original owners sure did us a favour in its placement.

But who cares about the house? We moved here for the land, and to keep horses. Our first horse, Rani, arrived in October 1999, followed by Thumper in May 2001, and Jade who arrived in May 2002.

Through Andy's back-breaking work building fences and a round yard, we now have the basics of a horse property, and are lucky in that Vanda Park is located near Bullsbrook's only bridle trail. When that gets boring, the streets are pretty and quiet for a leisurely plod.