December 2004

I was brought up in a western suburb of Perth, Western Australia, and enjoyed a very happy and stable childhood. I tried my hand at tennis, t-ball, ballet, gymnastics, netball, and so on, but became reasonably good at playing the violin, and I swum competitively. In my teens, I took a great interest in horse riding and ballroom dancing.

When I left school, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I did know I didn't want to study anymore. I got a job in a bank, which I hated, and ended up at university anyway, studying social work. I just didn't want to be there, and cut classes to train at ballroom dancing, and didn't do well at all. I decided to take a year off, earn some cash and travel a bit.

Returning home from having the time of my life in Europe, I met and married my first husband and had two wonderful children, Gemma and Andrew. Unfortunately the marriage didn't work out.

Not long after we separated I met Andy, and a year later we were married, and within another year our son Connor was born.

Not being the mumsy, stay-at-home type, I went back to university, studying computer-related courses. After Connor started school I finally found my niche in multimedia, and now run a web design and development business.

Somewhere along the way I became very interested in doing equine massage therapy — sports massage for horses. In February 2004 I took two Equinology courses and on successful completion of the externship I will be a certified Equine Body Worker. This is really exciting for me, I loved the course and am really looking forward to working with horses as well as continuing with my business.

Between my horses and my work and my wonderful family, life is good.