My family

Gemma, Connor and Andrew at Christmas 2003

Christmas Day, 2003. Left to right: Gemma, Connor, Andrew.

My family consists of my hubby Andy, our son Connor (10), and my two older children Gemma (16) and Andrew (14). Gemma and Andrew live with their dad but Connor has no such escape route. *evil laff*

We share our home with our three cats. Punkin is a ginger-and-white, and Max is blaaaaack. Merlin is a fluffy, shaded silver Persian who is so cute you only have to look at him and you laugh. Punkin is a sweet if not very friendly cat with lovely soft, thick fur, and Max thinks he's a dog. We refer to him as "Max the dog." He follows us all over the property, and first thing in the morning is usually to be found between us on the bed, often with his head on the pillow! Or when Gemma is here, the traitor sleeps on her bed. In the daytime I share "his" desk chair with him. Punk sleeps in a teeny basket on top of the microwave, usually with a limb or two hanging over the edge, or else curled up in Connor's wardrobe or under his bed.