Rani on the day of his return to Vanda Park, August 20, 2003

Rani heads for the hay on his return to Vanda Park in August 2003.

Rani came to me in August, 1999 through a member of the Aus-Standardbred email list. He is 15.1hh, a gorgeous mahogony bay Standardbred gelding who was then 12 years old.

My first "real" horse, the first horse I truly had a relationship with, who taught me all I know about horses. When he first arrived I was a real nervous nellie and after a rough start (through my ignorance) I grew to love him. It is hard to imagine another horse ever being as special to me as Rani.

In February 2002 I was forced to part with Thumper and Rani for financial reasons. We were able to get Thumper back when our situation improved, but unfortunately for us, Rani stayed in Port Hedland.

In July 2003 we heard the sad news that Rani has lost most of his sight and will go completely blind. He was offered back to me and so it was with sadness as well as joy that I awaited Rani's return to Vanda Park on 20th August, 2003.

I had arranged for my vet to visit him the same day as I had taken time off work for his return, and you can imagine my incredulous joy and relief when the vet said that there was no significant problem with Rani's vision! It took quite a while to sink in as it had been really difficult adjusting to the idea that he was going blind. Now the future is looking very positive indeed and it is amazingly wonderful to see him home again.